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AFFORDABLE BOOK MAKING SOLUTIONS Thousands of Fastbind machines are in use worldwide by graphics industry pros, inhouse printers, independent publishers, corporations, copy centers, accountants, architects, schools, and government agencies for binding high quality presentations and medium or short-run books. It's the ideal binder for any on-demand print center.

  • One binder makes several types of books, soft cover, hard cover, reports, tape binds, pads, and lay-flat.
  • It's easy. An unskilled operator can perfect-bind presentations or books on-demand. Simply print the content, prepare the cover, and bind the book.
  • Quality output. FastBind machines make perfectly square binds, every time. You get high quality output without paper waste.
  • Heavy duty. Precision manufactured in Finland for years of commercial usage.
  • It's fast. You can bind hundreds of quality books or presentations per day.
  • No limitations. Why limit yourself to letter size? With a Fastbind system, you can make books as small as 3 x 3 or up to 12 x 9.

One affordable binding
system - five professional business solutions!