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The "Professional Binding Systems" product line is value priced yet without sacrificing product quality or features. As a graphics professional, digital printer, author, or school, you work hard and your systems should be reliable and provide a quick return on investment. ExactBind products and supplies have been fully tested to produce high-quality results independently or in concert with one another as a system solution. Benjamin Franklin said that any job worth doing is worth doing well. It's always a bonus if the output is of exceptional quality and the systems are user-friendly! Whether you are a professional or novice, you will appreciate this affordable and heavy-duty line of finishing solutions.
PBS 6000 from exactbind
The PBS6000
For hard and soft books
The Model 6000 perfect binder is the result of applying innovation, common sense, and world class manufacturing excellence. Read more.
exactbind casemaker
The Hard Cover Master
For hard cover books
This casemaker enables anyone to easily make custom hard covers, as small as 3" x 3" and up to 12" x 14". Read more.
pbs 2000 perfect binding system
The PBS2000
Tabletop perfect binder
Small footprint without sacrificing features. Read more.

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