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In-Plant Shops Need Versatility.
Most in-plant operations have a wide variety of systems
ranging from offset to high speed digital printers.
Providing high-quality presentations and books with
quick response time is mission critical. Every system
must have a low cost of ownership, be multi-functional,
be easy to operate, and work in concert with your existing equipment.

With a minimal investment, you can now install a complete off-line finishing system for reports, soft cover books, and hard cover books. Our smallest binder can keep pace with even the largest digital printers. Imagine zero make-ready and no messy glue pot clean-ups! The cost per bind is very low. Perfect binding is faster, less labor intensive, and more affordable than coil, comb, or tape binding.

If you are printing documents and brochures digitally, you need accurate and fast creasing and folding systems that are gentle on the toner layer. Check out the Morgana product line on our products page!

Your company image is important: increase your output quality with our reliable and affordable finishing solutions.

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