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New Markets, High Profit, Low Investment for Print Professionals
Because we work with print shops everyday, we understand your challenges. Employee training must be minimal, floor space is a premium, cost of ownership needs to be low, limited or no time for outside marketing, and you need to increase page clicks. Venture into the emerging markets for on-demand books and differentiate yourself. Opportunities exist in your community for life event books, small school yearbooks, church directories, authors, digital scrap-booking and business proposals. The transformation from offset to digital printing is a profit opportunity for those printers that have the foresight to blaze a new trail by offering high-quality custom books.
Our binding system is easy to use and multi-functional. You can produce hard and soft cover books, reports and notepads, all without the headaches of coil, wire or comb binding. If you are printing digitally, the Morgana product line is great for creasing, folding, perforating, and numbering.

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