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New Markets, High Profit, Low Investment
Why give your hard earned profits to a publisher, make your own books!

As many authors and small publishers have discovered, the traditional book distribution model is becoming obsolete. Information is changing rapidly and very few authors need to have thousands of books on hand. On-demand and short run book making is the answer, but only if the book producer uses high-quality binding and printing technologies.

ExactBind has worked with hundreds of authors and publishers implementing their own book production centers. Many of them have found that they can install the complete system in a small office or bedroom. They can make one book or a few hundred books on-demand. There are very few format limitations and the systems are very user friendly. The most important benefit is the price per book, itís now economically practical to make your own books and maximize your profits.

For every customer, there are ExactBind affiliates across the U.S. with training centers. They train on paper selection, paper grain, printing methods, page impositioning, perfect binding, hard cover making, laminating and book trimming. The course is designed to get you operational very quickly making retail-quality books. After all, your professional output is also a reflection on ExactBind, this is a partnership.

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